REST-API interface

Aside from the GenICam interface, the rc_visard NG offers a comprehensive RESTful web interface (REST-API) which any HTTP client or library can access. Whereas most of the provided parameters, services, and functionalities can also be accessed via the user-friendly Web GUI, the REST-API serves rather as a machine-to-machine interface to the rc_visard NG, e.g., to programmatically

  • set and get run-time parameters of computation nodes, e.g., of cameras or image processing modules;
  • do service calls, e.g., to start and stop individual computational nodes, or to use offered services such as the hand-eye calibration;
  • read the current state of the system and individual computational nodes; or
  • update the rc_visard NG’s firmware or license.


In the rc_visard NG’s REST-API, a node is a computational component that bundles certain algorithmic functionality and offers a holistic interface (parameters, services, current status). Examples for such nodes are the stereo matching node or the hand-eye calibration node.