The operator must have read and understood all of the instructions in this manual before handling the rc_visard NG product.


The term “operator” refers to anyone responsible for any of the following tasks performed in conjunction with rc_visard NG:

  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Inspection
  • Calibration
  • Programming
  • Decommissioning

This manual explains the rc_visard NG’s various components and general operations regarding the product’s whole life-cycle, from installation through operation to decommissioning.

The drawings and photos in this documentation are representative examples; differences may exist between them and the delivered product.

General warnings


Any use of the rc_visard NG in noncompliance with these warnings is inappropriate and may cause injury or damage as well as void the warranty.


  • The rc_visard NG needs to be properly mounted before use.
  • All cable sets need to be secured to the rc_visard NG and the mount.
  • Cords must be at most 30 m long.
  • An appropriate DC power source must supply power to the rc_visard NG.
  • Each rc_visard NG must be connected to a separate power supply.
  • The rc_visard NG’s housing must be grounded.
  • The rc_visard NG’s and any related equipment’s safety guidelines must always be satisfied.
  • The rc_visard NG does not fall under the purview of the machinery, low voltage, or medical directives.

Risk assessment and final application:

The rc_visard NG may be used on a robot. Robot, rc_visard NG, and any other equipment used in the final application must be evaluated with a risk assessment. The system integrator’s duty is to ensure respect for all local safety measures and regulations. Depending on the application, there may be risks that need additional protection/safety measures.

Intended use

The rc_visard NG is intended for data acquisition (e.g., images, disparity images) in stationary and mobile robotic applications. The rc_visard NG is intended for installation on a robot, automated machinery, mobile platform, or stationary equipment. It can also be used for data acquisition in other applications.


The rc_visard NG is NOT intended for safety critical applications.

The GigE Vision® industry standard used by the rc_visard NG does not support authentication and encryption. All data from and to the device is transmitted without authentication and encryption and could be monitored or manipulated by a third party. It is the operator’s responsibility to connect the rc_visard NG only to a secured internal network.


The rc_visard NG must be connected to secured internal networks.

The rc_visard NG may be used only within the scope of its technical specification. Any other use of the product is deemed unintended use. Roboception will not be liable for any damages resulting from any improper or unintended use.


Always comply with local and/or national laws, regulations and directives on automation safety and general machine safety.