Detection modulesΒΆ

The rc_visard NG offers software modules for different detection applications:

  • LoadCarrier (rc_load_carrier)
    allows detecting load carriers and their filling levels.
  • TagDetect (rc_april_tag_detect and rc_qr_code_detect)
    allows the detection of AprilTags and QR codes, as well as the estimation of their poses.
  • ItemPick and BoxPick (rc_itempick and rc_boxpick)
    provides an out-of-the-box perception solution for robotic pick-and-place applications of unknown objects or boxes.
  • SilhouetteMatch (rc_silhouettematch)
    provides an object detection solution for objects placed on a plane or stacked planar objects.

These modules are optional and can be activated by purchasing a separate license.